I Will Never Quit

“They fought till end, So that I don’t die
If I don’t fight, Someone else will die…”
Tribute to our heroes and reminder to our duty.

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The Warrior

I wanted to relax. Needed a break Warrior shook me “Get awake” I shouted back: “What the hell? I am on vacation Get lost or I will yell!” “This is my home, Far away from battle” No enemy is here, So let me settle” “At last I can loosen, A doze I can take” “In...

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Why I Don’t Drink Alcohol

The Delhi gang-rape case of December shocked the entire nation. A lot of debate and protests stormed the nation as we struggled to identify the real culprits that perpetrated such a ghastly act and shook our collective conscience as a civilised society. We blamed the...

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