Veda Vigyan Vishwaguru: An Online Gurukul Experience

Welcome to Veda Vigyan Vishwaguru: The Dawn of a New Educational Era

In an ambitious move to redefine the landscape of education, Sanjeev Newar announces the launch of Veda Vigyan Vishwaguru, a unique online Gurukul. Starting from 12th February 2024, this platform is set to offer online classes, aimed at harnessing the untapped potentials of the mind, body, and intellect.

Our Vision:

Veda Vigyan Vishwaguru aspires to offer a comprehensive curriculum that includes Vedic Sanskrit, Yoga Sadhana, Mathematics, Science, Personality Development, Holistic Living, Self Improvement, Leadership Skills, Technology, AI, and Data Science. This initiative is not just about academic excellence; it’s a holistic approach to education, designed to prepare individuals for life’s challenges, enabling them to crack tough competitions like JEE or UPSC, and master complex skills effortlessly.

What We Offer:

– A Rich Curriculum: From the foundational principles of Vedic Sanskrit and Yoga as taught by the great Maharshis to modern subjects like Mathematics, Science, and Technology, our courses ensure a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary knowledge.
– Holistic Development: Our courses go beyond mere academic learning, focusing on the overall development of personality, leadership skills, and a philosophy of life that empowers you to navigate through life with clarity and purpose.
– Innovative Learning Experience: Through online classes and a synergistic teaching approach, we aim to provide an immersive learning experience that is both engaging and effective.

Join Us If You Are:

– Looking to explore the depths of Vedic wisdom while gaining proficiency in modern disciplines.
– Keen on developing a disciplined, sattvik lifestyle and a strong will to succeed.
– Eager to contribute to the revival of Vedic values and be their global ambassador.

No Prior Knowledge Required:

We welcome everyone. Our courses are designed to be accessible to anyone with a basic understanding of Hindi or English, and a commitment to embark on this transformative journey.

A Message from Sanjeev Newar:

“Drawing from my own journey of self-discovery and success, driven by the timeless wisdom of the Vedas, I invite you to join us in this revolutionary endeavor. Together, let’s embark on a path of learning, growth, and enlightenment that not only focuses on individual transformation but also aims to elevate the collective consciousness.”

Embark on Your Journey Today:

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