The Fire Within

There is this Fire within
That refuses to go down

I get lost often in the noise
Of world inside and outside
But then I suddenly realize:
There is this Fire within
That refuses to go down

I tried hard, the world tried harder
To douse the fire, give it no fuel
But it keeps burning
And refuses to go down

It burns me, makes me uncomfortable
But this discomfort is all I love in me
I exist till it keeps burning
And refuses to go down

I see the Fire everywhere
Inside me outside me
Wherever I see, whatever I see
Its Fire everywhere

This Fire is all I have
Life doesn’t matter
World doesn’t matter

This Fire is all I love
For I have nothing else to love
For I see nothing else to love

This Fire is me
This Fire is all I see
It keeps burning
And refuses to go down

– Sanjeev Agniveer

I Will Never Quit

My life, my choice

I am tired, I am lost
I want to quit I want to halt.

Countless battles I fought
But the war is on, it never stopped.

I was born right here
In middle of battleground.
My spring, my youth
This is where I found.

I had my fun anyway
I would now simply run away.

I know many would continue to fight
Till death with full might.

So even if I quit
How it mattered.
I am just one
Weak and battered.

In any case, I had enough.
Am bored, completely done.
But would surely clap for others
When the battle is won.

Tell me why I should fight
I did not start it, right?

I just happened to be there
Bad luck, life was unfair.

But why stick, when I can decide
To enjoy music, have joy ride?

Relish, indulge, sing and dance
Life is beautiful, So much of romance.

My life, my choice….

Chapter 2: My life, their death

But then suddenly I realize
How can I simply ignore
Those who valiantly died
So that I live, to reach the exit door

They also loved the life
They could also have fled for romance
But towards the path of exit
They did not even slightly glance

I live today, I dream today
Just because they died
They were also just one… like me
But they continued the fight

They did not complain
Show any disdain
No lame excuses
No helplessness vain

They fought till end
So that I don’t die
If I don’t fight
Someone else will die

I love everyone
I love family and friend
For them I must fight
Till war comes to an end

To see all safe and sound
Is best fun without bound
War is a truth, no one can deny
Others must live, so I would happily die

I would love to fight
Until the war is over
Running away, quitting?
I would think never ever.

“My life, my choice”
Let parasites choose this way

“My life, for those who fought”
Beyond the ‘my’, till my last day.

– Sanjeev

The Warrior

I wanted to relax.
Needed a break
Warrior shook me
“Get awake”

I shouted back:
“What the hell?
I am on vacation
Get lost or I will yell!”

“This is my home,
Far away from battle”
No enemy is here,
So let me settle”

“At last I can loosen,
A doze I can take”
“In peace of home,
Enjoy the break.”

“Do not disturb,
Just go away
You too enjoy life,
Do whatever you may”

Warrior said:
“Caution you must keep”
Enemy will attack
When you are asleep”

Enemy came,
When you came home
You carry the battle,
In crowd or alone

The enemy is inside you,
Alive and awake
The battle outside
Is completely fake.

When you fight outside,
You fight the enemy inside
But the moment you relax,
He revives big and wide.

Till he is dead,
You must not get asleep
Every moment everywhere,
Vigil you must keep.

Kill him who hides within,
Do not ignore
When he dies,
No more battles anymore.

– Sanjeev